Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Choosing the Right Basement Wall Panels

Single family homes often run out of interior space. In that case, the homeowners start thinking either about moving to a bigger home or about building another room in the home’s interior. What’s overlooked in this scenario is the space which basement can provide. Yes, you can turn your basement into another livable area of your home. You will not have to do anything extensive other than the wall paneling to make the basement area a place where you can consider placing your bed or sofas.

Plastic walls panels

You can install plastic wall panels in the basement if your home is located in the area where there is a lot of moisture. Furthermore, the basement area is often more exposed to a lot of moisture due to the fact that there would be a heating and cooling system working beneath it. So, you would want to keep that moisture away from the visible surface. Plastic wall panels can do this job perfectly. The benefit of installing plastic panels is that they drain water to the system that is installed to remove moisture and water from the area.

When it comes to installation of plastic panels, one of the best alternates that you can pick is the faux stone paneling. These panels mainly consist of polyurethane, which is a flexible plastic. The texture on these panels makes the panels’ surface to look exactly like that of real stone.

Finishing systems

Basement is typically considered as an unusable area which is home to mold, mildew, lots of moisture and an odor that makes the space unlivable. In that scenario, installation of finishing system is the best option that you can take into consideration. The main advantage of finishing system is that it provides insulation from every aspect.

Furthermore, the installation of finishing system can help you protect cabling and piping structure that is usually visible on the basement walls.

Panel living system

If you want to make your basement the media center or a personal gaming zone, there is no way you can do it without appropriate wall paneling. Panel living system is your best bet in this regard. Like other paneling options for basement, a panel living system is resistant to moisture and other factors which make basement unlivable. Furthermore, there are a lot of styles that you can pick from while planning to install panel living system.

Wood panels

Last but not the least; wood panels look quite attractive when installed on the basement walls. The main benefit of installing wood panels is that these panels create great coziness in the environment. However, you will have to make sure that you have worked on all of the safety precautions to make sure that moisture doesn’t interact with the wood.


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